What kind of life is this

(Called bliss?)

I face the sunlight, cooling winds

The flowers bend, velvet petals

Floating laughter, joyful wells

Even when the sun is gone…

I discover, endless summer

Warmth to keep the winters




What glittering light-beams shower my skin;

What hopeful rays descend again.

For once, at last, the shimmer stays;

Its floating fingers glimmer and play.

They curl my hair into ribbons and rain

I reach up, smiling, showered in grace,

And let the warmth of joy remain.


Too many nights I lie awake

The serpents spinning webs in my brain

I shuffle my thoughts like a deck of cards,

Whistling out tunes about broken hearts.

I quarrel within, the milk-man begins

Bringing my panic in glass jugs and jars.

Every night I simmer, undying quitter

I swerve to avoid any glimmer in the dark.