I feel, I feel! Anger and joy and

Trembling-relief, the madness-leaves

Spiraling shaking in the breeze

They fall like autumn, sleep like seeds

I cry for the joy that I’m angry and free



One day soon my bones will dissolve

The tension inside will relax and resolve

I’ll breathe out some sparks and light up the dark

My hunger pangs ceasing as my rib cage departs.

Someday soon my pain will end

Each muscle releasing the screaming within

And every candle glowing in my blood

will rival the stars again.


my hapless heart bows in contrition

i seek absolution from the starrer of the skies

He looks softly at me, love-light glowing

winds of time swirling like the surging sea

His throne is flawless, I cannot gaze

he calls me closer but my fear invades

how can i approach such perfection as He?

I collapse in awe of the power I see

Jesus, please