Drowning from up above

It is hard to weep in light, my

Sadness craves the night

past time when I am long alone, when skydark hits and mutes the known

I cry softly on my own.

I did not know that stones

Could feel.

When will this grief stop its roaming, and settle

more quietly into a home? I cannot

be like this much longer or my tears

will fill my lungs.

I’m drowning from above, and no one

Has offered me any way up

To see the sky and breathe again

To where the sea is not flooding my oxygen

And cursing my skin with its sting.

I would love to care about such trivialities


Elohim Shama,

You know me like no other.

Your love searches my heart

And guides it through the rubble.

I whimper weakly, wrought of nothing.

The dark delights in my lack of words.

I cannot even think before you.

Your might is astounding, Your mercy undeserved…

I think I’ve thought a single praise but nothing grazes Your worth

Elohim Shama, I want to listen as well as I’m heard.

My God,

Inscribe your servant as an etched silver ring

The bent, battered spoons of the bracelets we wring

Seal on my heart as the concrete and glue

Carve it in me so I may not leave you.


My shadows all die in theĀ unnaming…

Found me an orphan, once lost, a pariah.

Shackle me to freedom, lift me to sing;

Newly titled; bond-slave of the Messiah.