i miss people and things, smiles and good times. i miss the days where i felt mostathome,
those days i wasn’t alone.
“Force, a silent breath of strength
placing time three steps behind.
Pushing back beyond all space,
moments in a moment-less time.

A push, a pull, a sequence of strength
not beyond our limits, not beyond our mindslength
but always beyond our force, always beyond our toils.
Always beyond our eyes, invisible to sight.

Driving winds and pouring rain,
and all the time I thought it vain.
To sit outside and wish to be,
one with all the strength I see.

Just a force of breath, a breeze,
fighting back the trees’ strong grip.
All this courage, this force I see,
and of the ice-burg, it’s only the tip.”

just another broken sketch of words
waiting for another chance to shine
when in reality it lies broken and lost
wishing for new life, no matter what the cost.


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