Sometimes I wonder if life is worth fighting for…
Then I think about all the BEAUTIFUL people who have made a difference in this world, in my life, those people that shine brighter than the SUN or the STARS.
And it makes me realize…
I’m ready for war.

Silly foolish girl

Nobody can tell.

But she’s in so much pain.

Nobody sees past her smile, real as it is

Though all they think of is themselves anyway.

She tries so hard to be strong,

But sometimes she breaks down.

She cries with a pain far too removed from herself,

Waiting for the moment when she can again be strong.

This pain she hides is far too bad

for someone as young as she

she hides it well, and for this she’s glad

this ability to cover up what no one seems to see.

Really, it’s her own fault

there’s something in her that doesn’t want to be weak

They’ve abused her for being different

and she’s afraid they’ll dislike her pain

and she’ll have to go back to being angry again.

She’ll have to go back to being alone

with nobody who truly cares

Can she really not see? All this time

it’s like she can’t see all their jealous stares

She thinks they hated her so

she thinks she was alone

what she doesn’t see can hurt her

for she thinks it’s upset she’s sown…

She doesn’t want to admit to anyone

removed from those she trusts with everything

and unless their eyes show true care and true worth

she’ll never tell, never. She’ll hide it forever

this is sadness unreal

A thread, a spinning cloth of time
My existence clothed in nothing mine
Rather kept in pure cold waters
purer than anything i'd gather

Frozen in time and kept at bay
far from me, from danger away
Never thought it'd come to this, not for me
Never thought there was more to see
than all the thoughts i've had unkempt
and all the times i had pure intent
this is me forgotten at last?
free from scrutiny's final pass?
i guess i'll never be alone again
when there's no one here to love anyway

you hurt me so badly

I saw you in that place
{where I should have been}
and pain exploded in my chest
{I had to stop it then}

So I broke away from you again
{Trying to get away}
Because you just cause so much pain
{There's so much I want to say}

About how long I loved you
{Like the stupid fool I was}
How I tried to forget you too soon
{And you were all I thought of}

I wanted to tell you something
{Something like how awful you are}
To have let me ache for you so
{When you didn't care at all}

Now I'm wondering where all that time will go
{And I'm twirling my hair mindlessly}
Wondering why I loved you so
{Because your real self I finally see} ...


A divide, a painful separation
Built by burdens and aberrations
Bought with lies and broken dreams
Filled with treachery and poisonous things.

Crossed by fear, and so fear falls
Further pushing the sides apart
Adding a layer to an impenetrable wall
Furthering darkness's swift-clothed start.

We all pass by this same divide
We all can't cross, we bide our time
Waiting for the tiers to fall
the towers that keep up this wall
Waiting for someone to build a bridge
one that won't collapse beneath our sins
Beneath the weight of all we've done
those things we can't carry alone
We reach out for someone to hold us
Someone to help us through again
And tell us that he loves us
We reach out for the light, the Son.
To erase the pain through which we've been.

We're waiting when all the while he's crying out for us to hear,

Waiting for us to open our eyes and close our mouths and use our ears.