A divide, a painful separation
Built by burdens and aberrations
Bought with lies and broken dreams
Filled with treachery and poisonous things.

Crossed by fear, and so fear falls
Further pushing the sides apart
Adding a layer to an impenetrable wall
Furthering darkness's swift-clothed start.

We all pass by this same divide
We all can't cross, we bide our time
Waiting for the tiers to fall
the towers that keep up this wall
Waiting for someone to build a bridge
one that won't collapse beneath our sins
Beneath the weight of all we've done
those things we can't carry alone
We reach out for someone to hold us
Someone to help us through again
And tell us that he loves us
We reach out for the light, the Son.
To erase the pain through which we've been.

We're waiting when all the while he's crying out for us to hear,

Waiting for us to open our eyes and close our mouths and use our ears.

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