Silly foolish girl

Nobody can tell.

But she’s in so much pain.

Nobody sees past her smile, real as it is

Though all they think of is themselves anyway.

She tries so hard to be strong,

But sometimes she breaks down.

She cries with a pain far too removed from herself,

Waiting for the moment when she can again be strong.

This pain she hides is far too bad

for someone as young as she

she hides it well, and for this she’s glad

this ability to cover up what no one seems to see.

Really, it’s her own fault

there’s something in her that doesn’t want to be weak

They’ve abused her for being different

and she’s afraid they’ll dislike her pain

and she’ll have to go back to being angry again.

She’ll have to go back to being alone

with nobody who truly cares

Can she really not see? All this time

it’s like she can’t see all their jealous stares

She thinks they hated her so

she thinks she was alone

what she doesn’t see can hurt her

for she thinks it’s upset she’s sown…

She doesn’t want to admit to anyone

removed from those she trusts with everything

and unless their eyes show true care and true worth

she’ll never tell, never. She’ll hide it forever