Shepherd Shall I

Shepherd, shall I follow you
past the pasture's end
past the seas of light, so blue
to the places beyond, my friend
shepherd, shall i want your heart
to love mine as its own
shepherd, love, i own no thoughts
but ones that sing your praises out
but songs that cry out shepherd 
but words that ask for love from you
but life that is nothing without you.


When I close my eyes, I can feel tears burning behind my eyelids.

Oh wait, that’s just the fever.


burning, burning, a painful haze
questing, searching, countless games.
Can no one see through my thin-veiled pain
can no one see my anguished days...

I run hard, I run strong
until I falter and down I fall
hit the ground, get back up
Don't stop to think or you're out of luck

I can't believe I'm running away
can't believe this is only the first day
Still I feel that burning smile
a fever pressing on my crazed mind.

It's hot, to the touch
burning in my mind
A lack of sleep and such, you see
has left me stumbling and far behind.

The race is being run
I'm behind, I fall, I'm done
does iron run as their blood?
in veins of liquid sun... 

Burning haze, perishing craze
eating up my mind
I stand, colors rush, I fall
I think I cry out but no one answers my call.

So I'll just lay in the leaf-loam today
waiting for the sun to stray
past the edges of its broken sky
down to let in the glorious night

once finally the sun is set
i'll find a chance my sleep to get
and once my body finds its peace
this fever will at long last cease.