If someone could see right into my brain,
they’d say, “My God! This girl is insane!”
And if they could hear right what my heart cries
they’d understand why I believe we can try.

If is a question, if is the answer
if is the problem when you just can’t have her
if is the enemy, if is your friend
if are the regrets we face in the end.

twisted life

I’ll stand and i’ll dust off my old worn out jeans
and i’ll say, “sorry, but i have to leave.”
and i’ll grace out of the room with the prowl of a tiger
with my head held like never before, ever higher

i’ll walk out with barely a whisper
i’ll stalk out with nary a shout
i’ll rid you of me with a simple goodbye
with my held still held up high.

Don’t you walk away
that’s my job
don’t you stare in dismay
i enjoy that.

I want


I just want to live

I just want to be

I want the hours to slip by mindlessly

i want to enjoy every moment

i want to reap goodness like i’ve sown it

i want the whole world to feel like home

i want my words’ elegance to be a poem

i want to get along with everyone

i want to love anyone

i want to never be afraid

i want to cure the world’s pain

i want to love and never lose

i want to never have to choose

i want to live and breathe and be

but that’s all just a fantasy.

Tomorrow is the future and the future is thrillingly far and terrifyingly close

Somehow I just don’t understand
the world, society, everything
it’s so complex, too hard to get
and so i don’t think i’ll try.

somehow i am terrified
of the future, and yet
i don’t want to get left behind
and i’m excited for it.

This place is so old
But it feels so new
These people are too cold
And we feel so used

Everything will just fly by
It’ll all be over too soon
Right now we’re fresh and young, for sure
Tomorrow we’re singing a funeral tune…