Forest of Dreams

a whole world of emotion and feeling and fear

of everything bright and terrifying and real

Like these moments leaving me behind, so alive

are too fleeting to enjoy every second of life.


i just want the world to pause for a moment

allow me to walk and gaze at the sky

I spend half these precious seconds hoping

that the perfect one won’t pass me by.


When the time finally comes that the exact moment arrives,

I can only hope what I’ll be doing is right.

Breathing and enjoying and living real life,

instead of staring up at an empty sky.


so walk with me now, through the fields of frozen time

in a world so delightfully, wickedly mine.

I’ll show you my dreams and the wonders of things,

I’ve imagined and forgot, through lost autumns and springs.


I need to leave now, I need to go,

but these words I’ve kept inside long to be released.

The thoughts in the darkness of my head seem to glow,

the moment words spiral from my mouth and are free.


This poetry, these songs and things

I capture them from a realm of dreams

Forgotten they echo amid restless trees

a forest of thoughts we forgot that we need.