Plague of Insecurity

What insecurity plagues these people?
What sadness causes such despair?
Who are they who walk with crippled souls,
Who ever claimed this life was fair?

A single failure flaw or feeling,
Leaves us needing soul deep healing.
Decrepit bones and ink filled blood,
Could give way to evil’s final flood.


With chaos in motion and emotions wickedly loud,
A lifetime spent in the shadow of reigning souls.
They walk with dead eyes and souls numb-turned out,
Their ragged clothes thinly kept and full of gaping holes.

A mess of invisible gnashing teeth,
Of flesh that smiles above a spirit wailing in wretched agony.
Through sewn up lips and twisted tongues immortal words we speak,
Which die in the light they so despise to ever nearly be.

Forget the wakes of lonely sins
Which cry in wicked wonder
Look past the faces emblazoned in
The skies’ first tears and thunder.

A higher calling bids of you,
A gold tinged wondrous thing.
Its eyes pierce skies of blood and blue,
And silence the demons that sing.