A shady sunny wintry afternoon

I sat on the dock waiting for him

Even though I Knew he shouldn’t come

Quiet time was over, the peace was overwhelming

By the water.

I looked up the hill and saw him striding past

And i relaxed

He wouldn’t come today

And that was okay.

So I trailed my feet in the water

And off all my thoughts wandered.

While my mind was busy idling

He came down the hill a striding

And I turned my head to notice him approach

And I bit back a smile while the butterflies went wild

Cuz I didn’t know how else to greet the boy I loved.

He came and he sat

And we talked and we laughed

All the while neither of us moved

Though the minutes kept on ticking 

And we knew we should be leaving

We just didn’t have the heart to part so soon.

All the while people gathered

In the mess hall for their supper

And the sun slipped farther down the sky

But he and I, he and I

We just sat and talked the while

Oh, that boy I want to finally call mine.

When we both knew time had stretched
And we knew the world had left

We agreed it was time to go inside.

Though we’d talked for quite awhile

Neither knew how long we’d idled

Like my mind fixed upon the water for so long.

And we trailed in finally

To the diners starting to leave

In astonishment we glanced upon the clock
All the time we’d spent together

Had gone quickly as the weather

On a shady sunny wintry afternoon.

Ninety precious minutes

Had given us the slip

We’d lost track of the sun while we jested in fun to the rhythm of the moons in our eyes

And the starlight that night

Had never looked quite as bright

As when we stared upon it there

For whether the storms come in flashing

And the rain falls down lashing

All the while we’ll be safe and sheltered here

With our eyes burning warmer

Than the fire we’re before here

All thanks to the time we spent


Even though I shouldn’t like you

my stomach turns with thoughts of you.
Your eyes denounce the doubts i keep,
and self-whispered lies that aren’t true.

beyond the threatening shadows of plausible regret,
i forget myself in a pool of possibility.
i try to drag my eyes away from where my heart is set,
but i cannot help but imagine what we could eventually be.