Cozy flames that flicker slow,
Leather worn and old and low.
The scent of ages passed long by,
The colors of a setting sky.

By the mantle, in an armchair,
Out the window, looking there.
Feel the fire, smell the memories,
Drifting in on nighttime air.

Dances long gone, colors born again,
As the sun skips down an icy sky.
All the places we’ve never been,
Staring out the window as life drifts by.

Double standard

Don’t you dare touch that pregnant lady,
You’re a murderer if you harm her baby.
First put on this medical coat!
Ah, now take that fetus by the throat.

The difference between murder and legal elimination
Are the eyes of a doctor appraising and saying,
“Sure, no problem. Fifteen minute procedure.
Don’t wanna be a mother? You’ll never even see her.”

The problem with this outlook should be incredibly clear,
Thank God my mother gave birth- else I would not be here!
America stands awash in leagues of innocent blood,
We reek of metal and salt and rotting motherly love.


Twisting in the pallid sky
Icing falls as clovers die.
Flapping in a humdrum breeze
Hulking over friends like trees.

Its use denied like tasteless smoke
The world turned on as colors broke.
From gold to gray, earth’s dripping life
Falls down and freezes in the night.


The light’s gone dark,
What happened here?
Where once breathed trust,
Now trembles fear.

In a shimmering current, in the heart of a storm,
The pebbles are drowning for want of the morn.
Beyond coals and blue ash, the dull gleam of what fell,
‘Ere the waters have gathered, a redemptive well.

The parting of seas and the skies from their stars,
As bright as a moment untouched by our time.
What stands between us and what seems to be far?
Hearts speak loudly for the denial in mind.

Thought You Knew

Blaring buzzing mindless stream
oceans twisting breaking clean
rivers colors, cold and warm
television brings a storm.

Gaping breaking thoughts unbred
worthless soulless, cold and dead.
Slav’ring consuming, endless dread
malignant couches leave empty beds.


Who am I to call your name in the dark
As the world collapses into my heart
While chaos bounds forth and claims for its own
I seek out your face and fall down at your throne.

No cure for devotion, the blessed disease.
I seek no escape, for I am finally free.
The world ignores his signature everywhere
Creation must be created – else it would not be there.