Simply belong

The words on the screen say “timeless”,
The prompt of the day is eternity.
Yet how can I write to outlast myself?
What could I say that will eternally be?

Since the weight of a word is less than its intention,
And the colors of the world fade as time spirals on,
I will make no attempt to outlast His creation.
For our words do not stand alone – they belong.


Alloys and glitter and sparkling tin,

Faded old crayons and feather-plumes thin.

Puffballs of cotton and worn out stitches,

Gray patched-up sweaters and threadbare britches.


Cold metal rings, long abandoned and lost,

Rusty food platters with flowers embossed.

Chipped garden pots and lost-handle mugs,

Sagging bean bags and whiskerless pugs.


Sunken-in bed frames and mattresses stained,

Sad santa hats and painted candy canes.

Charlie-Brown trees and ornaments broken,

Diaries brimming with secrets unspoken.


Cracked plastic buttons and dull dirty sneakers,

Green neon pencils and broken down bleachers.

Gleaming sharp cans and pop caps as well,

These are the things a junkyard would sell.

He Knows

I do not know the pain in your heart,
Nor can I fathom how broken you are.
I have no words to comfort you,
For sometimes words are of no use.

But love must fathom, love must prevail,
Where we comprehend not, love does in detail.
He hung, He bled, He dies with us daily,
Through torment and blessing He’s guarding and praying.

He holds back the flames with his own beaten body,
He cries out refuge- come child, I am safety!
Your wounds will be healed and your tears tucked away,
The flood of sorrow in your soul shall not stay.