Every night I leave for the land of dreams,
My courage is lost as the shadows scream.
The blank-eyed waifs with their sewn-up hands,
Wander lone shores of rotting sand.

The pebbles morph into faceless beasts,
With crawling limbs and insect feet.
I wander halls of endless sound,
As the currents pour in from all around.

A face I well know is found in time
A pleasant ache from this heart of mine.
But the respite shatters into shards of black,
As my loved ones drown in seas of glass.

I walk to them, and my feet cut up,
And the seas tint red from my sinking blood.
But the pain plagues not, for I grasp a hand,
And I pull my loved ones back to land.

The drifting ends in a breath of thought,
And the battles end which once I fought.
The light returns in the dim of dawn,
And my lungs breathe new in a sleepy yawn.