Chasms and the Void

The world offers an empty laugh

Pieces of souls that have drifted and faded

The future is hollow, the present is passed

To brief phantoms of happy joy has degraded.


A ghost of emotion that lives in my bones,

Called out of its shadows by fleeting confections.

Cheap parlor ecstasy is now our abode,

As mankind decays like a fest’ring infection.


To fill the chasm where gold once grew,

To replace the delight once was ours.

The light of the world in all of its truth,

Was too pure for the likes of our hearts.


Now we stumble in shadows and cry out in wonder,

As our fingers brush past gilded lies.

Our eyes are blind and ears deaf to the thunder,

That so desperately calls us to the light.


What imitation of love can we seek in the void?

What solace is to be found in despair?

While we writhe in the shadows and our hearts are destroyed,

A hand golden with grace ever waits for us there.