What Love Can Do

I’m bleeding inside
My heart is so dull
I doubt ever to find
My long-wandering soul.

How could life be returned
In its joys, to me?
How could the world turn on
After this sick misery?

I do not think I shall last.
I am near sure I have fallen too far.
The chasm is so deep
Its cracks ease into my heart
Gripping with dark claws and cold feet.

I seek to find myself again
But it seems loss is my only friend.
I cannot escape my past.
The darkness grows deeper
My light flickers weaker
And I do not think I shall last.

My torch has near gone out
I crawl on gravel-ridden stone
I cry desperately aloud
But no one will take me home.
With last enticing effort
I stretch out a pleading hand
And finally my cries are answered
By the Son who died for Man.

Come, take refuge here,
I hear Him, though my heart is sleepy.
Dear one, do not fear,
He has found me; He will keep me.
I am all the Light you need,
And the shadows are terrified.
Your chains are gone and you are freed,
My God carries me to the Light.


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