Why Do You Love Me?

Lord, who am I to pretend that I am more?
Pain beckons blackly in my treachery.
Every lie in the book that I’ve fallen for,
Every curtain whose glimmers I believed.

I do not want to entrust my shivering heart
To this rawly gaping realm of change
I want you to make my dead end a new start,
And plant steadiness in the soil of my pain.

Pump blood through my veins untainted by life
Make different the swaying emotions inside
Be the endless fuel for my flickering light
Incredible Lord, do not leave my side.

I ask you to quell the tide of my pride
Tear down the walls I’ve built up inside.
Make humble again what man elevates
And flood us all with a sea of your grace.

I am so inadequate
Words in any tongue are not enough
Simplicity may praise you best
For your designs are found in my mess.

Forgive me, Lord. A wretched sinner.
Shame is like my shadow, dirtier, blacker,
I am disgusting and you love me.
Why? Why should you love me?
I have made myself worse than nothing.

My tears spill because of your grace,
Mercy like light that floods from your face.
The holiness catches the darkness like blades
And twice as sharp it cleanses this place.

I weep for your beauty and cry out for your love
Your power and majesty that I am full of.
Lord be my refuge and leave not my soul
For your flames alone drive back the cold.


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