Pebbles and Spit

You are the everything to me,
You strengthen my arms and help me breathe.
Your presence makes my soul to find,
The peace to live this changing life.

The world says quietly, “Come away!
You have no time for Him today.”
But the yearning in my soul to be with you
Grows sharp in its anguish for your truth.

The shades become drawn over my heart’s bitter longing,
You knock on the door but no answer’s forthcoming.
The One that I need in all of this world,
I deny because “time” is a bittersweet word.

Please help me, be with me, secure in me grace,
Give flame to my heart to seek out your face.
Speak joy over me, and excitement, and life,
Let me not with the things of this world be enticed.

For the world offers emptiness in all of its gold,
Beyond the bright gleam is a truth rarely heard.
There is nothing, raw void, only emptiness, tricks.
You cannot make an ocean from pebbles and spit.


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