You know it is love when the storm clouds roll
When the light dies from the sky and you’re left all alone
Yet despite all the shadows, a voice calls your name
Your loved one attempting to find you again.

When the seas become rough and you cling to The Lord
If you’re clinging together, love is your sword
To pierce the distress and return to true peace
You love when you stand together despite the defeat.

Sometimes the dark comes and you cry out in fear
Hurting your loved one because the pain is too near
You are lost, all adrift, and the skies turn past black
You wonder in the void if you’ll ever go back.

Trust the Light, seek hope, make a choice not to spiral
Remember how you felt, that this love could not fail.
A feeling is not end-all, not decisive or final,
To love is a choice; wind does not fill tied-up sails.


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