Collapse gratefully to your blankets
With love warm in your chest
Your shelves all lined with trinkets
That see how much you’re blessed

Fold into the numb of sleep
Your mind replaying tunes
A simple calming rhythm keeps
Your dreams sprinkled with dew

The one who loves you holds you close
In dreams you feel their heart;
The world of light beats softly now
While mind and body drift apart.

For happiness does flow about
Like rivers flushed with rain
And Heaven knows the love deluge
Must spread about again;

So spread the joy, and feel the right
Of loving strangers too;
For every day is opportunity
Of friends you never knew.

Count on coincidence,
the fatal human thought
Although sometimes in some events
Accidents exist not.

So proffer life a hand willing
Your heart will set to joy-filling
This world is new through golden eyes
That seek and find the light.


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