A single waiting moment
Is the longest of them all
The wondering is violent
As my tears collect and fall.

I must seek repose in chaos
I must do these things I can’t
God, why does it hurt so much?
What sort of pain is this, this shredding
Agony screaming at my nerve endings

Everything is red and black
I feel the ache inside my soul
I want to collapse, weeping broken glass
Screaming at the mocking sky
Why? God, why!

If your answer is the beauty of sunrise
To still the rain that falls inside me
If your rejoinder is the softness of the breeze
Even as it whips the oceans into frenzied seas
If your reply is the coolness of night even in the iron clad desert
The impossibility of all things that come together in your being
In your perfection

Then my agony slows to a humble rapping of bloodied knuckles on doors
My lacerating pain has dwindled away
The unbearable torture is simply no more
The glass inside me has no will left to stay
It melts to sand
No longer in despair


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