Definitely funny

It’s sort of funny
All the love poems I memorized
To keep my heart in tune to you;
All the ink I so carefully massaged into my veins
So that my pulse would remind me of you
All the words that were of you
Are gone. I can’t quite recall them

And my spine
Still sticks out like broken pottery;
With the rest of my bones
And their proclivity
To be visible;
But I have gained six pounds
And grown an inch
And my appetite no longer vanishes
Because of your cologne.

My hair is just as long, and darker
It waves from my braids
Something I taught myself while
I was gone from you.
My room is empty of memories
It’s clean now, and cold

I no longer feel jealousy
Twinge inside me
When a girl walks in who is beautiful
Instead, I smile
Because there is so much beauty in the world
And I am part of it now;
I do not belong to you.
I belong to someone Higher.
I am weightless
A burden has been lifted from me
And it is easier now
To breathe.


2 thoughts on “Definitely funny

  1. Love this, so powerful, I would love some feedback from you on what I’ve written it would mean alot if you read my blog 🙂 ✨ this is amazing keep it up 🙂

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