I am woman

I am woman.
I am not an ornament, not an accessory to make you look manlier.
I am not a pet, trained and tamed to look cute in high heels
I will be comfortable AND beautiful
Or not, if that pleases me.
I will be strong and NECESSARY and God-fearing and if you don’t respect me, I will never share a life with you.
I will not succumb to standards set by some dusty, insecure statements about beauty left over from an ignorant era
I will not. I will not. I will not.
I will not bare myself to be more appealing to anyone who happens to glance at me.
I am sacred. My body is beautiful and private and secure and I will keep it that way.
I’m not okay with just anyone looking at me and my body. I’m special. I’m important and you don’t get to just see me and see all I have to offer and think about me any way you please.
Keep dreaming. I’m covered and staying that way until I fall in love with someone’s soul.
I will not degrade myself to upgrade society’s image of me.
I will not. I will not. I will not.
Keep guessing. Keep wondering.
Everything precious is kept under guard. I will entrust my heart to its maker until he approves someone who will protect it as he would.
I am woman. Necessary, worthy of protection and love and absolutely vital.


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