The Silk Lullaby

Night-dark steals into your bed
And as the darkness grows
For you, my most beloved
I’ll stay until it goes.

Let not the shadows whisper
Or haunt your lovely dreams
I’ll chase off every shiver
And hold you close to me.

Black silk may come to taunt you
And steal away your rest
But I will sing as lovers do
Of how together we are blessed.

If ever I am not with you
When the stars covet your sleep
Dear one, sing this tune
My love, just think of me.


I tread too heavily
I snapped the bitter twigs
I lost my footing, bruised a branch
And now they scream again.

Anger, anger, anger
And my breath breaks up the frost.
Fire burns inside, so hot
Dangerous to touch.

I just want to lash out at someone
Instead, I bite my words.
They cut me back and slice my throat
But surely words can’t hurt?

Abba Always

No matter what I thought
He reigns;
The light obliterates the clouds,
Despite the winds and storms and rains.

And absolute and just is He,
So loving, full and strong.
His heart, it pains when ours cry out
He’s with us all along.

And even when it seems so dark,
The shadows absolute,
He sends his love to dry our tears,
For He himself has borne these wounds.

My God reminds me endlessly
That I matter after all.
His love embraces and engulfs me
I am held even as I fall.

He does
Not Mind That I am broken;
His forgiveness knows no bounds.
I can
His love for me;
As he paid in blood and thorns and bone
And died
To set me free.

A wave of what, how can it be
Crashes heavy over me
a God, THE God, has love… For me?
My heart finds hard to believe.

And yet every time, when He thinks of me, the Love he holds is true.
A God, my God, believes in me
So why can’t I love Me too?

Lord, Thank You for Dogs!

Lord, thank you for dogs.

Thank you for Mocha, my wiry terrier (who is going on sixteen, but remains strong and youthful as ever)

Thank you for her because the other night as I lay in anguish with heavy heart,
as I moved away from her and
reached out to touch the words on the wall
to pray,
she felt my absence and moved closer so that we would be back to back once more. Her warmth made me cry.

Thank you for the simple
Unassuming love of the dog.

It is the all-encompassing,
Would-give-her-life-for-me-snarling-at-danger-without-a-second-thought kind of love.

Which thrives despite all the times we push them (not lightly) away from our food
Or accidentally step on them
Or smack them for rummaging through the trash
Or all the times (God save us) that we shout and stamp and scream at them for barking protectively at strangers, the very thing they were designed to do.

Thank you Lord for the dog, my dog, a model of how I should love the world.

May she chase squirrels happily all her days.

New beginning

Be with me this journey
Guide my chalky hands
I am so impermanent
Each day I fall again

Do not let me crack the ice
I do not wish to drown
My heart is flooded by your face
Though tears spill ever down

New life, new days
Refresh my tired soul in you
Empty the bones and blood and ash
And help me feel again.