My heart is full of stars
I can’t sleep but for the heat.
When I try and close my eyes,
The sky looms down on me.

I don’t mean to pluck the lights away
Or hide them all inside
But the filling-feeling must be felt
And so I beam and sing my light.

Why, no, I haven’t named a single one
Or felt the comets strike the sun
The radiance is blinding me
Within this brilliant cut-glass sea.

My heart is full of stars, you see
They dance and loop far within me
None stop their celestial parade
From trumpeting the light of day.


Oh, but when will we be home?
For In this place poison flows freely.
I cannot see it, hear it, feel it
So my heart must have died within me.

Take me home, take me home!
I grow weary of this world.
Its life is like venomous acid eating into my hollow bones

I no longer want to roam this world
Oh please, let me go home.

And why should I skip past the pain?
Why circumvent the grief?
I cannot know the brightest days
Unless the forges first refine me.

Love like that

Access that part of you that begins to love someone despite their imperfections.
That part of you that doesn’t care if they’re sweaty or smelly or unbathed or if they give you a wet willie or lick their own toe and then try to kiss you.

Access that part of you that loves unconditionally in its own tiny, fractured, human way.

That part of you should be the forerunner of your being. Love everyone. Accept everyone with that part of you. You can do it. Go out there. Love the world.

Exhaustion of an Extrovert

A crash of exhalation
The faces left behind
A million ruminations —
Do I keep it all inside?

Have I slipped and fallen once again
Do pebbles paint my cheeks
How now will I begin to mend
The panic I’ve released?

A calming breath of silver air
Slowly, recall just who is there
At peace now I am because
I know that I am free.