Monthly Archives: May 2015


I find myself in bed again

Surrounded by my sheets. 

My exhaustion slips and twirls and bends

As I slide underneath. 
wasn’t it a moment ago,

I stood on borrowed time?

Flaunting sunlight at the sky

Which stretched out; golden; mine?
Where did the time and daylight go

Have they followed sound away?

For now the world 

Is                 Still

And soft; its melodies relinquished —

They sink dreamily by, 

unharmed, undiminished. 


in the way I love you

People are confused about love

They think it must come with trappings, with decoration

They think it is bound to kisses and physical embrace

They are wrong…

Love does not have to be romantic. 

A man and a woman can love each other innocently, 

without desire, with great care and aching hearts and need and laughter and friendship, in the way 

That I 

Love you.