River dance

He was thinking of her

She was thinking of him. 

In the dreamland night their spirits met

And danced by the river again. 
She fell asleep with smiling lips

While he thought sighing of them;

And she laughed like a child when the dreamland night

Spun her closer to him. 
So they twirled and fell and rose a spell

And danced the dreamland through;

And not til noisy daybreak had broke

Did their twining feet skip a move. 
She woke, a frown within her eyes

And he, searching desperate for them;

She closed her gaze in distant hope 

That it might spin her closer to him. 
But alas, the morning cold and clear

Denied the two their dance. 

And the distance between their sleeping hearts

Left them both in a dreamland trance. 


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