Tear the bones out of my chest

Break them apart, bury the rest 

Fill my veins with golden ink

And steal the thoughts I’ve dared to think. 
As my words recline in troubled times

Do I more hurriedly digress?

Am I entombed in callous wounds

The gnashing flesh of my final test?

feel the weight of lost souls like no steel could ever hold;

I feel the weakness of all the strong hearts

As they fall into the dark. 
I cannot dispel this raging storm of agony and flame

I cannot seek a numbing relief for my soul-madness and pain

Instead i beseech in twisted tongues for those who breathe with shallow lungs

I gouge the tears from my own eyes

And remember, with peace, why He came and died. 


Sudden desperate need to prove

That I am me no matter where

Wanderlust; and whither to?

Soldiers wrought of biting wind

The Eastern cold, the northern frost

To weather snow and trials and sins. 
Or boiling heat and thousand suns,

Wretched sands and desert dunes. 

Forests dull or glaciers sharp

I desperately wish to escape this room. 

I am in turmoil;

And my flesh knows not why the soul within writhes. 

I have learned, and thought

And understood why. 
My prayer-lips have been silent, 

my scripture-eyes closed. 

My stomach cries for food 

the way my soul desires You. 
I cannot sit idly by 

While my companions wander away.  

Doomed to die, destined to lie

On the threshold of death,

The silvering day. 
So i pray. 

Lord give us strength; give us guidance, and grace;

Give us love, perception, wisdom and faith;
Help us to see your light and follow it out of the dark

Let us not drown in blackness or let the shadows win;

Fill us with courage; give us your heart

Let love purge the hysteria within.