Monthly Archives: August 2015

feel the weight of lost souls like no steel could ever hold;

I feel the weakness of all the strong hearts

As they fall into the dark. 
I cannot dispel this raging storm of agony and flame

I cannot seek a numbing relief for my soul-madness and pain

Instead i beseech in twisted tongues for those who breathe with shallow lungs

I gouge the tears from my own eyes

And remember, with peace, why He came and died. 

I am in turmoil;

And my flesh knows not why the soul within writhes. 

I have learned, and thought

And understood why. 
My prayer-lips have been silent, 

my scripture-eyes closed. 

My stomach cries for food 

the way my soul desires You. 
I cannot sit idly by 

While my companions wander away.  

Doomed to die, destined to lie

On the threshold of death,

The silvering day. 
So i pray. 

Lord give us strength; give us guidance, and grace;

Give us love, perception, wisdom and faith;
Help us to see your light and follow it out of the dark

Let us not drown in blackness or let the shadows win;

Fill us with courage; give us your heart

Let love purge the hysteria within.