Purpose is

Purpose is family

Bloodshot eyes at 3 am, rubbing circles

As a mother treads heavily into the kitchen

To ask if you’re anywhere near done with that project.

Purpose is love

An eight year old whose eyes light up

When you walk in the room, soon to be

Tackled by an energetic bundle of youth. 

Purpose is weather

Whipping, lashing rain that imprisons you indoors with the love of your life

Snow that lets the sun glint off it so brightly you must squint to dodge snowballs

A bright, clean day full of flapping leaves and swaying trees. 

Purpose is creation

A brand new work of art, strokes and notes and words just so

Never before seen or heard or brought to life with gentle, genuine lips

An otherwise lifeless arrangement given humanity by curious eyes. 

Purpose is service

Worn, battered, wounded and scarred; men and women who risked everything

Smiling as you refill someone’s drink through the drive-through

Bending your back so the elderly once-mother no longer has to do so. 

Purpose is life

Inhaling it in with the best of them; 

Crying as touching sappy movies explore family and forgiveness

Wiping your eyes after a night of grief to let them see the new dawn

Resting and relaxing so that tough times can be endured. 

Purpose is grace

Unfettered, reckless and raucous and loud and pronounced

Unashamedly calling to everyone

Redeeming, recalling, renewing, reviving


Purpose is. 

Purpose is life, love, family, creation, service, surroundings, grace. 

Your purpose is to live. 


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