Farewell self

It’s me
It’s me. 
I’m the one I need to leave

I had a dream, a choking-scream
It signified someone crippling me
Holding me back, smothering
Someone damaging,

It’s me
It’s me I can almost hear the scream
Why am I crippling myself 



We weep bitterly, sickly
At all the suffering on earth
Our hearts most finely tuned to death
And the successive flood of hurt.

I weep like glass is in my veins
I cry and scream til sorrow stains
My soul and leaves me haunted, pained
Like the flood will tear my heart away.

We shake our fists at God
We break our teeth with grinding
How could you? How could you

The aching is crescendoing 
My pain is overwhelming

Yet I do not stand alone. 
This was never my home.