Achilles heel

We almost fell apart that night
Because I was a snarling mess
We didn’t know it then, but
The exhaustion inside me was dancing a snare into effect

You pushed the food closer, I sat on the floor
“Baby, please eat, you need it more
Than you think”
You did not sound strong and reassuring and heroic
You sounded vulnerable and weak

Because you were,
Because I was.

I am your open wound.


I will praise you in agony

I will praise you in doubt

I will praise you when confusion and pain threaten to take me down

I will praise you on sleepless nights, of which there will be many

I will praise you in the heartache and the stabbing pain within me

I will praise you when the comfort flees

I’ll praise you when I’m consumed by agony

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you

I’ll praise you all the more. 

Happy Nothing

Happy Nothing, my love!
Happy Day of Extra.
I hope your No-Holiday 
is kind to you. 

I just wanted to say
In a special way as we celebrate
Ordinary Day. 

(Normally I’d have a gift for you, because you deserve it, but seeing as it’s always Nothing-Special season here
It wouldn’t do to shower you with gifts. Others would wonder
Just what’s going on. I don’t think they see how splendid No-Special-Celebration-Day
 [also known as every day] 
is with you

Because you’re always with me, so how could they?)

Verbal battle 

I rebuke you, enemy!
The lion snarls in frustration. 
I claim His name in authority!
The beast shudders in rage. 
begone from me in Jesus’ name!
Sharp teeth, curled lips, a growing darkness. 
In the name of I Am, Jehovah-Jireh, Elohim, El Shaddai — He is known by many names — Be GONE, foul beast! 


My soul is His eternally.