You speak back to me,

“My daughter, please,
Understand what I am suffering. 
There is no one who loves as I Am. 

The agony shattering me would stop your heart 
I’ve shown you only a part of the pain I feel
For your cousins and loved ones and EVERYONE, ALL OF WHICH I HOLD
Who are lost. 

I will free them at any cost.”


No! My spirit screams
Your lies will not affect me.
I know who I am and to whom I belong and my King is not yours in defeat.

His love cannot be overcome 
because it’s extended to everyone

So goodbye fear and terror
and farewell to you, hate

You’ll starve as you watch me drink and feast beside the King of Grace. 


It’s hard to speak when speaking waits
With tangled hearts and inky space
A thought, a-clutter, several mustered
So well delivered, they dam the river
Your words cannot spill out. 

They, sickly, sow fever and doubt. 
And the guttural sounds clot the river-route
So the wailing cannot break free. 
and the poison stirs
faster in me.