the dam inside relents, the coolness spills down my lips
at last

my heartbeat flickers slower and the waterfalls collapse

my worry has surrendered, my stoic-flesh gives in
after all

the tears fall.


Is it wrong

Our hearts get sad when we wander from home

and the chains that anchor us loosen and groan

so why now that I am here and safe

I wish to roam and get lost and un-known

I want my heart to weaken and bleed

let it scream

let me go


Well, again the leaf-dust swirls the air
And star-gazers sigh under blankets of slate
Dark-turning earth shivers far from the sun
The hearts are so hot that they crack and they break,

Unable to cope with the chill in the breeze.
They glimmer, glowing shards
Reflecting stars that {carve their names in my heart}

Like the coals that burn
In your gaze.