you’re pulling away ever more, evermore

and my heart pauses clearly for the pain i abhor

i know it is coming, it’scomingrightnow

how could you be any more removed from me?

i had no idea the possibilities.


let it be.


i’m not sure how i feel now that it’s revo,

and so many have left me to tor.

My heart feels tsol, ytpme, unwanted

and no one is still here to speak.


he left like the others, two winters ago

i still dream of him from the long before.

i see him in faces of men whose blood

never burned quite so black;

and from whatever traumas, they’ve found their way back,

but not him. not him. i still pray all the time

one day your heart will be healed

and maybe you’ll say

hello again

to mine.

Yahweh, I can trust you

When there is no one else at hand

Elohim, you uphold me

When I am too weak to stand

Jehovah-Jireh, God of wonders, I am your ever-child

You chose me from the mud and mire

And told me I belong.