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I am a young female writer. Poetry is my predominant expression. I have self-published a book of poetry and my new novel, GLASS DUST, available on Amazon. My words are a gift from God and his Holy Spirit, who I love dearly. Jesus changed my life. The story is rather incredible if you'd ever care to hear.

A song about a soy latte

i have fallen in love

so swiftly, painfully
tears stroke my eyes
the words rang so TRUE and the haunting-thoughts KNEW
i would feel what i felt
in the thrumming of the harp.

but the lyrics flew and caught my heart
so i fell in love
with a shooting star.


Sharp stalking scissor-stress
Hot with fever, tracing my mess
The bile pushes at my lungs 
The sorrow wedges itself deeper in my blood

Veins that tighten and push nausea instead of red
I feel the sickness swirling through my matter
Each cell a slice of pain and confusion 


I feel like I never said your name,


You only ever said mine. 

So long we wandered around together, and

How much time did I spend

Trying to… hide?
I was a monster in love with my reflection now I will say his name and love the taste of the inflection please help me stop this sad obsession make me someone by making me no one.