You have been weaving, all the days long

Every moment I dismissed as gone;

My life has been colorful, graceful and good

Full of people who’ve loved me, cherished me,


Little moments of great weight,

All caught up in the threads

Tightly-woven as silk, yet

Breathing colors… to let the light in.

Dances in the rain; women who built bridges to

Meet me in my pain. An everlasting tapestry

Full of all you who’ve meant it all to me

The stories; the songs; the humor in small glances

The best things, constantly in transit, I

Will seek to never forget, to never let go, and be

Ever fond of this, my wondrous


Thank you, star-weaver, for stitching love for me.

There is nothing new under the sun

We do not speak of comforting,

Of trials weathered, storms survived

Right now all we see is uncertainty;

But I will fix my eyes

On the Lord.

He has stood unblinking through every storm,

Not once letting me drown. Why

Shouldn’t I trust Him now?

dream a little while longer, child

My time on this journey is steadily on

Into the horizons beyond my home sun

I’ve wandered far, but this time I’ll not return

New soil awaits, new dreams and new faces

It costs naught but time, it costs naught but patience.

A home – beyond here, where the air tastes like fear –

A place blessed with providence and courage and rest

Where no shadows disrupt my sleep with their jesting; with no lava-mind memories to burn up my peace.

I seek a new home but first I must



I think often of how you helped me

When, caught in traumatic memory, I was a shivering mess outside a Wendy’s;

Five minutes away, you came without being called.

Thank God you listened to Him nudging your heart.

I needed human arms to hold me up while I wept,

To still the shaking of my breath;

And you did not leave until I laughed.

Thank you

So much

For that.

Old and new

It has been years since I danced with you

17 years old and you knew how to move

A friend saw me glowing, said I lit up the room

I laughed him off; I just wanted

To whirl about with you.

Five years later I still

Wouldn’t mind a dance

Or two.

(You know, it was a shock

When you came back

Out of the blue.)


Why so easily offended, child

So unsettl’d by colden face

Do you man the only human Trial,

Your Grace?

Are you the judge of the human race?

Why do such trivial whispers upset you?

Such an indomitable spirit you bend.

If fools and traitors beset you, well

Isn’t that just another day in the end?

Let the high road stick to your feet,

And the low road flood with its deeds.

End up battered and bare in your lifeboat of choice,

drowning in misdeeds that have taken your voice

Or trudge on, stuck to the stubbornly empty disgrace

Of grace?


It was a blow I did not expect, it came from the wind

and down tumbled the walls I had built.

The protections were lost; my heartache-fueled rot

Blossomed up in my gut as I watched them speak.

I stood in the crowd, trying vainly to

Hide the weeping that wracked my frame.

The walls crumbled lower, my shaking grew harder

And my little loved ones began to see.

But before any small one could climb through the crowd

To attach herself lovingly to me;

You saw me, you touched me,

And your palm on my shoulder

As you slipped softly by

Brought me out of the memories

I was drowning inside.

Thank you for seeing me, thank you for caring

Though I barely knew your name.

I wish I’d had the courage

To thank you in person

But I still get tongue-tied when I see your face.

How do I thank you for something you likely don’t remember

How do I explain how deeply it mattered?

I do not think I can, and there are limits to my pen

So perhaps someday I can

Return the favor.