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Debate or deal your cards to Death, the
Endless laughing makes you twitch
The consuming emotion triggers your stress, a
Final test for the screaming pest. 

Let go
And rescue

each flicker heart beats countless stars
who all attempt to frame their start
we sink our teeth in hissing smoke
and acid drips behind our bones.


what is Depressed?

it is a crushing weight that pulverizes your breath

grinds your lungs to dust and leaves blood begging for help in your eyes

it is an exhaustion, an apathy, a slow-burning acid pulsating in your heart

it is an apology, “i’m sorry, i should be fine”

it is a distant echo of guilt

remorse for the lives you cannot help but impact

buried by nothingness,

the ghost of feeling consumed by self-hatred and




I know there is a God. 

Because I feel him 
When I breathe in sunlight
When a simple dog saves human life
When someone cries out, Justice! and the world 
Hears and delivers

When people die for strangers

I feel him
In the trees and sun
I see him in the lake at night when every star alights upon the water, 
next to my glowing eyes
I hear him as the breeze screams past, the force of endless power… laughs

Each petal with its velvet skin that sinks in ponds of liquid wind

I touch the soul of God each time
A child laughs, or sings, or dies
My God, he lives
And cries
Through time.