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I know there is a God. 

Because I feel him 
When I breathe in sunlight
When a simple dog saves human life
When someone cries out, Justice! and the world 
Hears and delivers

When people die for strangers

I feel him
In the trees and sun
I see him in the lake at night when every star alights upon the water, 
next to my glowing eyes
I hear him as the breeze screams past, the force of endless power… laughs

Each petal with its velvet skin that sinks in ponds of liquid wind

I touch the soul of God each time
A child laughs, or sings, or dies
My God, he lives
And cries
Through time. 

Verbal battle 

I rebuke you, enemy!
The lion snarls in frustration. 
I claim His name in authority!
The beast shudders in rage. 
begone from me in Jesus’ name!
Sharp teeth, curled lips, a growing darkness. 
In the name of I Am, Jehovah-Jireh, Elohim, El Shaddai — He is known by many names — Be GONE, foul beast! 


My soul is His eternally.