you’re pulling away ever more, evermore

and my heart pauses clearly for the pain i abhor

i know it is coming, it’scomingrightnow

how could you be any more removed from me?

i had no idea the possibilities.


let it be.


Yahweh, I can trust you

When there is no one else at hand

Elohim, you uphold me

When I am too weak to stand

Jehovah-Jireh, God of wonders, I am your ever-child

You chose me from the mud and mire

And told me I belong.


In my dreams we were trapped, so many

and they had us at their mercy, and they intended

Terrible things

And we were helpless

Until the Holy Spirit flooded me

And I wielded Your Name like a weapon, and it cut them down like leaves

And we left as easily as thieves, slipping through the door like water

None there to oppose us