Yes, I love to gypsy-roam

And trod the paths all far/from/home,

But my heartbeat trails behind.

It lags and leaves me sighing

I’m missing and wonder why-ing.

I long to end my flying

In the comfort of my own…

I hope I make it home.



we whisper to the nights when we

have any need to spill our dreams

the coinage drains, it coughs and stains

each numbing-thought deserved.

I don’t know why my soul is tired but my¬†eyes crave seeing the world

Happy Nothing

Happy Nothing, my love!
Happy Day of Extra.
I hope your No-Holiday 
is kind to you. 

I just wanted to say
In a special way as we celebrate
Ordinary Day. 

(Normally I’d have a gift for you, because you deserve it, but seeing as it’s always Nothing-Special season here
It wouldn’t do to shower you with gifts. Others would wonder
Just what’s going on. I don’t think they see how splendid No-Special-Celebration-Day
 [also known as every day] 
is with you

Because you’re always with me, so how could they?)