Let us love not with vigor, or emotion, or with zest

Let us love not with impassioned words and hearts pounding in our chest

Let us love instead with sorrow and the heartbreakings of heaven,

Each added soul a brimming whole

Of halves and broken edges.

Let us love with all our purpose and our glances and our restings

Let us love with every one in world envisioned like the best

Let us love like nothing ever happened and nothing ever will;

Let us love as wide and far as the east is from the west.

Like God in Earth heals our hurts,

Let us love





Lord Jesus keep reminding me

That I am not a word;

Nay, not even a sentence

Or a collection of worried breath.
Say it to me again and again

Tell me the worth I have within

I am finding it hard to focus

When the world costs so much to be in. 
Not ‘Christian’ or ‘human’ or ‘lover’ or ‘friend’,

Not ‘person’ or ‘purpose’ or ‘pathetic’ or ‘pretty’. 

I am not words, I am not phrases

More so than ‘me’ 

I am an example of the one true King’s grace and majesty. 

Love like that

Access that part of you that begins to love someone despite their imperfections.
That part of you that doesn’t care if they’re sweaty or smelly or unbathed or if they give you a wet willie or lick their own toe and then try to kiss you.

Access that part of you that loves unconditionally in its own tiny, fractured, human way.

That part of you should be the forerunner of your being. Love everyone. Accept everyone with that part of you. You can do it. Go out there. Love the world.