Whoa, what bitterness is this

Whose twisted thoughts have I trekked in?

Surely this darkness isn’t mine,

This want for aching, wasted time

Someday I’ll be solid, healed

Someday the nightmares won’t be there to steal

If the nights are silent, the days reveal

Endless screaming from the ones repealed

Some time night and day alike

Will toss their haunting-juggling storms


And all the worry and fear I despise

Will finally



Breathe, please

I feel

Nothing. And

Something, but empty

The anxiety wriggles and vines.

Curling leaves that shimmer and bleed

And shower my skull in their crying.

Help me, please, my nothingness screams

I ache for a respite from the chaos investment

Nobody truly knows


Except He.

How much do I love you?

Nothing speaks like distance, wreaks
The Missing ever sullenly. 
It wriggles, worms and vines
Its fingers curl and find
The shivers in your heart where silver ribbons sing and rhyme.

The question swims in mire of miles,
The ‘maybe’ hangs in thought
Of heartaches formed by spinning stars
Which, creaking, buy their lot

Of lovelorn roads and Wandering loads
That crush the doubt inside.

Lord let me

Why, contemplation leaves me low

And bitter hearts still seek the cold.

I lose myself in time and sleep

An exhausted spirit is all I keep. 
So let me in to warm my feet

And sit awhile beside the flames. 

At once to rest and speak in peace

Forever safe in Your embrace. 
I nod my head and fire climbs high

My eyelids flicker low. 

I’m no longer out in the bitter cold —

You smile and drape over me Your coat. 

Disastrous humanity

We write to still the waves that break us up deep inside
We write to mourn the lives of those who’ve gone so long ago
With every rhyme I say goodbye
To someone I never knew;

With every word I don’t deserve
To breathe while others bleed.
I hate my human skin
For the evils it’s witnessed
I hate my perfect eyes
For their clarity of sight
I hate my strong young bones
For their ability to fight

I hate the fact that I can afford
To cry over foolish boys
While men turned sour from hate and power
Destroy such precious lives.

I hate us all, I want the evil
To be imprisoned in their own bones
But love calls me to set healing free
And so my prayers encircle the world.