an evergreen love

pine-shells and mud clumps, rivers and vines

I like you now and love you all of the time

silvering skies, blossoming eyes

the rivers that run through my heart seek a prize

i speak to the mountains, they chuckle and sigh

the treetops wave down at the seas with delight

feathers and roots, charred logs and sticks

my dear, i’m wholly in love with your rhetoric.


blink the light

i feel pressure like an acid stone

curling wisps of fleshy smoke

as all my confidence degrades.


i do not know why certain folk

rob my self, make it choke

all i can say are words of aching breath.


they blink the light, my lungs go broke

my heart hates itself for all the love.

i do not know you, i can not love you

how could you betray me, my heart

how could you let the affection grow?


you persist! i want nothing more than to look beyond this one

let me move on

let me move along

i do not know him, i cannot love him

but Heart declares i should.