Are you


I’ve left the feeling-place

I’m floating, or

maybe drowning…

I can’t tell the difference between

oxygen and mud


i don’t even know what to ask for, i’m

sorry, i don’t want anything



When it doesn’t matter

the words are honey; 

Flowing (like a river) and twice as sweet. 

Now that it does, once again

My heart becomes entangled in my stomach

And my mouth trips over the mess. 

I cannot conjure up the words

To tell you what you’ve meant

To me. 

Anxious eyes

Nightly searing flames devour

Sicknesses that kept me sane. 

I lose it all when moonlight calls

And silence claims my mind again. 
Knock, knock, the branches come tumbling

Snare me in their jumbled arms

The rotten wood that lives in my bones

Screams at me to set it aflame. 
Blurry eyes see blurry paths

And stumble down them wrongly;

An hour spent in lost lament

The cost of vision that worries.