Someday soon I’ll face my flames; I’ll

Sail the endless, salt-less waves; I’ll

Kill my shadow and hunt her kids; I’ll

Shiver in longing for places I miss; I’ll

Enter the rain-streaked hall where I died.

I’ll spit up the flood and weep out the fire

Each tear-drop a hurricane-blaze of desire

I’ll snarl at my tea-cup friends, singing their songs

I’ll roast up their curly-Q freedoms and toast

Every son-of-a-wanderer, filling their souls

With the cracked black asphalt-crumbles tickling my toes.

Someday soon I’ll drink my fire. I’ll

Let the roamers know I’m for hire. I’ll

Drink from the slate-granite stars, on the fly. I’ll

Let every bone swimming in my blood taste

The sky



Oh, forgive me Father, for I have sinned

I am small and tired and free

And I’ve let this castle imprison me;

And sadden the joy of life I had.