a prerequisite to springtime

i see a beautiful tree, leaves

tumbling from its boughs

outstretched limbs, relief in letting go

a burden never meant to carry



she lets the breeze

borrow the load;

she lets the river

carry off her sorrow.


each crumbling memory

no longer rooted in pain

an autumn death which

brings renewal and

new breath.

An Ode to Culture

Dark skin
Is lovely
Deep brown like aged trees
Or light milk cocoa.
All the in-betweens are just so.
Ivory skin
Is beautiful
It can be so pale as to glow in the twi-night;
Or tan skin, bronzed or golden from sunlight,
or butter-cream like our favorite ingredient.
Skin is fully incredible
When it wrinkles in a smile
It is an adornment for our lilting words, graced with cultured miles
Every part of humanity is at its most shining
In the moments of sun when we glimmer with kindness
We are not divided by our different words for love
We are not defined by the heritage of our blood
The world is a big place
There are many of us; and we are different
The greatest gift is our unique lives, not once repeated, not a single time
Would we seek to degrade differences?
You and I are not the same
It is beautiful
Let us revel in all we can now learn from one another.
Or not learn; or share. We are all “others”
in the world, because no one is your kin if you do not feel that everyone is
To someone else, and so to you.

The Farming Sky

Bending mats of twigs and trees
branches woven in flutt’ring green
The forests reach with hopeful arms
to touch the gleaming flesh of stars.

The moon takes pity on a lonely path
its aching heart lit up at last.
The skies are thrown as endless fields
as wheaty stars wave on midnight teal.

A million breaths coalesce to form
a single glimpse of light in the storm.
The writhing giants of flame and light
sputter their lives to star the night.

The forest waits in agony
to test the limits of its reach.
It stretches further to caress the sky
as the starlit heavens flow sparkling by.