Little bits of gold

Hidden in the trees;

Honeyed twigs and branches

Caramelized leaves.

Unfurling fronds of greenery, dripping from the breeze

Sunlight touches everything, hiding

precious metals in the trees.



Pain means

Something new;

It is beautiful, expensive; it glimmers

With all the promise of the storm.

From crushing olives, oil is born.

The Greatest Romance

The greatest tale of romance told
The brightest fire, blazing bold
The lamb and lion, shepherd, sheep
All men and women, brave but meek.

A thousand breaths deliver new
The love He shows to me, to you
Frosty white on indigo skies
Remind my heart where it truly lies.

No boy-meets-girl could hold a candle
No dancing floor could ever handle
The Greatest Romance Tale of Life-
A dying world was brought new Light.

A heart burst open for the ones it loves
A Father who weeps for daughters and sons
Cynical soul, release your bitterness
Have you ever wondered what’s missing?

What beauty here, it screams so soft
It does not demand our hearts or thoughts
Rather it rings in chimes so smooth
“Come, Dear One- I’ve much to show you.”

I love you

I think
You are incredible,
And so understandable
And very much dark and beautiful.

But you are also
Irritating and tardy
So very spastic and
Ridiculously introverted
And you do not answer me on time
You are like a very friendly ghost,
Or a snowman that is not quite abominable.

You are an idiot
A fool
Sort of a freak
You love the silly things you pour time into
And I love you,
and that is all there is to it.