an evergreen love

pine-shells and mud clumps, rivers and vines

I like you now and love you all of the time

silvering skies, blossoming eyes

the rivers that run through my heart seek a prize

i speak to the mountains, they chuckle and sigh

the treetops wave down at the seas with delight

feathers and roots, charred logs and sticks

my dear, i’m wholly in love with your rhetoric.



i still pause every now and again, shocked

that anything should give me hesitation.

it still doesn’t quite make sense that

your unhappiness, even in the midst of my anger AT YOU,

should move me with such alarming strength.


never before have i been

unable to withhold reconciliation;

it was always a move of pity, never

one of love,

not like now, where my heart crumples if i cannot end the stony silence

and hold you.

Time stamp; 3 am

Hey you!
Good morning. I love you
This much.

My thoughts of you are like no others
Nor are those of others as numerous.
My heart for you is steady and virtuous
It desires love made of honor and trust.

My eyes for you are soft and curled
The eyelids wrinkled with endless days
Of smiling at you when you’re turned away.

My feet for you are quick with glee
Worn with the pavement but youthful and free.
My fingers for you are grasping and open
Searching for yours to be interlocked and woven.

My dreams for you are tired and pale
Compared to the shimmer of colors I see

when you’re actually, really, entirely