No MoreĀ 

Be still little daughter

The time for tears has passed. 

Let the shaking sobbing stop

Let the tears collide no more

I’ve given you a brand new heart

and I have so much else in store. 

My heart is for you, I’ve filled you with my Spirit

Please stop crying, darling, there’s nothing you could ever do on earth 

or its heavens 

to earn it. 

Set your sorrow a grave

I’ve dug it deep and well 

You’ll see these tears no more, my dear

I’ve sent them far beyond the waves. 

Please, little one

Come lay your head on my shoulder 

Your sobs cannot hurt me

This flood of sorrow is but a single drop in my hands. 

Thank you, precious lamb. Rest now for all you’ve let go, and let sleep 


your tired soul. 



I glance about and note some trash
eyes lingering on its curving shape.
Some remnant of a ghostly past,
like a discarded jawbone left to waste.

Not yet abandoned to the dust,
my flesh has yet to rot and die.
With time grows weak my wanderlust,
though now, today, I am alive.

Some spark of thought lights weakly here,
that some day soon my end draws near.
Then my existence too will cease,
my bones back to the earth a piece.

Will words I once breathed live again?
Beyond my grave and charred remains.
If all I wrote, I wrote in vain,
at least in life it eased my pain.

All is not lost, though earth will be,
and gain is perishing to me.
For souls survive beyond the dark,
once bitter stillness grips my heart.