12:01 AM

My nose is running
It’s midnight and the Z’s won’t stay
To serenade my mind and distract it
From the drifting dewy day.

So I peer at rectangles of light
And pray that when I close my eyes,
They will shut to stay;
Just while earth is fasting from
The sun.
(This happens every day-
Night, and I can’t escape the no-
Light, but what can I do? The mind wants
To think
As the heart wants
what it wants, I think.)



Lilting tilting through the air

grinding gears that lift and tear.

pavement kisses, say goodbye

break free, takeoff, to the sky.


Whistling wind that slivers in

waiting, cold and shivering.

burning rubber lights the night,

twirling smoke-flavored goodbyes.