Injured expanse

WHY am I this nebula
Lost swirling in the sea-sky
Why do my tears form stars and light
Why is my heartbreak bright?

The coldest starlight flickers warmth
And silk-hearts scream inside
I cannot love or feel or touch
In distant injured skies.


Where is this going

Slicing through the storm, we’re brought beyond, before

Rosy eyes and pale moon-white

Cheeks of porcelain dust. 
Stabbing colors sicken me

And tears march to my eyes, you see

As suddenly then as I wanted him gone

I felt love blossom just as strong.  

Reckless endangerment of languageĀ 

I am disgusted with my word-mongering

Flippant and useless forging, like the waste of good iron

I clasp my cup of cluttered words

And spill them carelessly, without design. 
Sometimes the feelings build inside

And they frighten me with the strength of their tides

So I gather my weapons of syllables, sounds

And I cast the emotions