Somewhere in a trance there is this waterfall of sound,

Enticing every color from the Ribcage to the ground.

I seek a new divinity, untethered by my chains,

A drowning watercolor of my home I sought to save.

We cannot quell the flow of thorns, the

Riverbeast of thunder scorned.

Please kill this cavern-ache inside,

And kill the sonder-life

I hide.




And          Destroy. 

Hate yourself,,

What am I but a collection of

Mysteries and blood?

Someone thinks, I’ll unravel her,

Encompassing my worth. 
I encase my own identity

Cause the curious-mongering

It’s in the way my veins decide

To sway and dip with the ocean’s tides. 
Curl up inside my bones

Find the chips and cracks. 

Realize I’m nothing more

Than a flesh-and-bloodied sack. 

I’m not the girl with silver teeth

Who throws her head back and laughs. 

I am the girl whose skin is deep

Which fissures when I bask.